One of my hobbies is Programming. I know HTML, CSS, and Java. My current project is Cryptochat, an encrypted peer to peer chat program. I have my own website I wrote by hand online at Neocities.org. My specific site is here. I am currently working on adding an interface to this, as currently all it can do is send messages back and forth. It uses AES encryption, and the key is a salted SHA1 hash. It connects through Sockets, and sends messages in byte[]s.

Me programming

Me programming

Working on Computers

Another one of my hobbies is working on computers. I have fixed several computers for my church. I often change hardware on computers, and know how to change CPU, CPU coolers, GPU, RAM, Hard Drives, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drives, Power Supplies, and motherboards. Basically any changeable part in a computer. I also know how to install software, and an operating system, and I know my way around a the Linux terminal (I usually use bash). I run Debian (with XFCE), and Xubuntu at home(Ubuntu with the XFCE Desktop environment). Most people think Linux is scary, or simply are not educated about it. The programming languagues I know (as stated before) are Java, HTML, and CSS.