All about my AMAZING hobbies!

My Hobbies

My hobbies mostly pertain to programming, using Java for Desktop applications, and CSS/HTML for websites, or electronics, more specifically working on computers

Me Programming


One of my hobbies is programming. As I mentioned above, I use Java to write desktop applications (a few examples of Java desktop applications would be Minecraft or jDownloader), and HTML/CSS to write websites. The image is me writing a simple program in Java in the BCMHS VMA Mac Lab, during "Back to School night"


I work on electronics, I know how to solder, how to interpret basic schematics. I also work on computers a lot. I am able to diagnose hardware failures fairly quickly (with access to the machine). I can easily replace any part of a machine (CPU, PSU, Optical Drive, Motherboard, Internal Storage, CPU Cooler, Graphics card) given that the machine is servicable (not glued together such as newer Apple devices).